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Martyn Wild

Martyn Wild holds a Master of Science Degree in Occupational Health and Hygiene and a Honours degree in chemistry.  He is a practicing Chemist and Occupational Hygienist who has worked in these fields since 1978.

Martyn has regularly been involved in all aspects of monitoring and assessment within industry (e.g. COSHH, Noise, Lead, Local Exhaust Ventilation [LEV] testing etc.). His expertise is carrying out environment surveys in the work place, sampling for biological agents, gaseous contaminants and in measuring environmental conditions such as relative humidity, air & radiant temperature etc.

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Ellis Baker

Ellis’s principle role is to provide in-company support to management teams in fulfilling their health and safety obligations. He has been retained in an advisory role to assist in the management of construction projects on behalf of Aston Martin, most recently in the construction of their state of the art design studio. Ellis has assisted European contractors to work within the framework of UK construction legislation, notably providing on site advice to Austrian firm Holzbau Saurer Ges.m.b.H.&.Co.KG. He has worked within several manufacturing sub sectors including automotive, plastics, food, oil and gas, printing, etc. He has successfully mediated between management teams and the trade unions. On behalf of his extensive client base Ellis regularly represents clients and their interests when probed by either enforcement officers, external auditors or insurers.

Ellis served with the Royal Air Force Regiment from 1986 to 1999 finishing as a trainer specialising in first aid and rescue training. On leaving the military he worked within the oil and gas industry centred around the United Arab Emirates working on behalf of The Gulf Technical and Safety Training Centre (GTSC-Abu Dhabi). On returning to the UK he worked as a regional consultancy manager (England & Scotland) then during 2001 established ECB consultancy services providing general health and safety consultancy services to manufacturing, construction and service sectors.

During June 2008 he merged with Adrian Watson, Martyn Wild and Steve Letch to form Watson, Wild & Baker Ltd to provide specialist Occupational Health and Safety consultancy advice.

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